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   Nature' Repercussions Series

Chase, Catching Raine - NEW!

Nature's Repercussions Series. Stand Alone Book


Chase Venton lived a carefree life, until his parents died. They left him a fortune but he was young and naïve. He was taken for granted by many people, especially women. He learned his lesson and went into hiding until the woman of his dreams walked into his life. He told her everything and that was one of the biggest mistakes in his life. She almost destroyed him and took him for everything he had. Now he has gone back into hiding. Only his trusted ranch had Smiley knows the truth. Smiley promised Chase’s parents he would look after their only son, but it isn’t that easy. Chase is now bitter, cold and cruel. He chases away everyone Smiley hires to help out on the ranch. He has almost but lost hope, until he ran into Raine.


Raine Simmons was on the verge of being homeless when she ran into Smiley. She was young and naïve. She was full of life and energetic. She always tried to stay positive no matter what the situation was. Smiley hired her to help out on a ranch. She was to take care of the animals, but he specifically told her to stay away from Mr. Venton, the owner, and she did. Raine would watch him from a far. He always seemed in a bad mood and looked troubled. She felt bad for him. She looked around his ranch and thought he had money problems. So she began to do extra work to help out asking nothing in return. She loved the ranch and hoped she could afford a small farm of her own one day.


Chase began watching Raine. He hated her for him wanting to look at another woman again. He hated her for playing with his dog. He hated her just because he could. He knew bringing a woman out here would disrupt the balance. She was probably stealing from him to. He and Smiley fought about it often.

Raine saw Chase walking her way. She never imagined a simple hello, would send Chase over the edge. He tore into her and left her standing in tears. Confused and hurt Raine can’t stand to work for him anymore. Leaving the ranch was the hardest thing she had to do. And as for Chase, getting Raine back is the hardest thing he has to do.


Emma, Caught by Storm - NEW!

Nature's Repercussions Series, Stand Alone Book


Elliot Storm and his family are very wealthy. They have several business establishments around the world. Their biggest is construction development. They keep most of their work local and create jobs for many in the area. Elliot loves the designing factor of his job. He puts a lot of hands on time, during that stage of the construction. Elliot is charming and sexy. He is every woman’s dream. But his ex-fiance left a bad taste in his mouth about women, until he ran into Emma.


Elliot literally knocked Emma down running away from the media and that’s when his whole life changed. At first he thought she would be out to get him because of his wealth, but that was so far from the truth. Her attitude and outlook on life changes him. But she has a secret and Elliot is determined to find out what it is. In the process he falls in love. As he tries to help Emma, he insults and betrays her. Emma becomes resentful and untrusting.


Elliot is at a loss, he has never had such a tough time with a woman before. Trying to charm and romance her is a lot harder than he ever thought. But in his eyes, Emma is one of a kind. As for Emma, this is one Storm she can’t hide from.


Blaze, Searing Heat. 

Nature's Repercussions Series, Stand Alone Book


Blaze Richards is a brilliant man. He has everything he has ever wanted. He has many business avenues from recording studios to clothing lines. His talent agency has produced many recording artist. He is worth a fortune. He is arrogant and chauvinistic. He expects everyone to bow to his needs. He goes beyond his morals to get what he wants. When he puts his personal assistant April Steele, in a bad situation, he soon realizes she is no pushover. The job he wants her to do goes against everything she believes in. When she terminates her position, he is dumbfounded. 

April's life has settled down since she left her childhood home. But she still is looking for something. She is hired as a personal assistant to a brilliant man, Blaze Richards. She thinks it's her dream job, until she met him. She despises everything he stands for. She puts up with his arrogance because of the six figure income. When he wants her to do an unthinkable act to close a business deal, she has had enough and walks out.

When unforeseen circumstance arises, it's April that rescues Blaze. Now he is in her debt forever. He realizes there is more to April than meets the eye. But she want's nothing more to do with him and walks away. He now realizes, he doesn’t have everything he has ever wanted. He has to make her see there is more to him than meets the eye. Now he is on a mission to get her back, at any cost.

Max & Kate Series

Captured by Fate - Free

Max & Kate Series, Includes The Deception -Book 2

Max never thought love would be possible for him. In his line of work it was too dangerous. He never had a relationship that lasted more than a few months, he never wanted one. Then fate stepped in. Max was doing fine on his own, until is ordered to work with a spitfire Kate. This five foot nothing woman came into his life and turned it upside down. He is a hard and brutal man and puts Kate through hell. He tried everything he could to run her into the ground, to make her quit. But she is tough, real tough. Then Max saw something in Kate and he begins to back off.  He doesn’t realize she has already captured his heart.


Kate loved once and it almost destroyed her. She vowed never to love again. She only uses men now. They are nothing but a play thing to her. Kate vowed never to love again. Love only brought her pain, hate, rage and anger. She was running away from a past life that haunted her. She buried the pains deep, so deep that some of her memories were lost. She wanted to start a new life when she ran into Max. Now when he gets close her body shakes and shivers. She gets covered in goosebumps.  She wanted to stay away from him, but for some reason, something she couldn't control, kept pushing her to him. She tried to fight it, but the feelings were too strong.


Max tried to figure out why Kate felt this way about love. She is hiding something, just like he is. Can these two repair their lives? Are they strong enough to make it through? Will their secrets destroy each other? Find out as their relationship unravels.

It’s more than fate that brought them together.

The Power of Love

Max & Kate Series, Book 3

‘Love can be very powerful. It will help you pull through the worst of situations. You have to believe. You have to have faith in the Power of Love.’


Max and Kate will find out just how powerful their love is. It will save them from devious acts afflicted upon them by others. Their lives are in turmoil and people are out to destroy them. See what lurks around every corner as they have to confront their worst fears.


Kate will risk her life to save the man she loves. She will go through the depths of hell to save him even if it means her own sanity. She has been through hell before and now there is no turning back to mush is at stake. To many lives depend on her.


Max will never stop searching for the woman he loves. He will use all his resources to bring her back home, even if her mind is not her own. Their journey will bring you joy and heartache. Their destinies are brought together by Fate. Join them as the truth and their lives unfold.

Trust in my Love

Max & Kate Series, Book 4

‘In your worst of dreams you would never consider doing the deeds that are forced upon you. When several lives are at stake, you will do what you have to.’


In the field Max is in, keeping your loved ones alive seems to always require a cost. Sometimes that cost is disposing of the most precious thing to you, your greatest love. That is why Max never wanted love. Now he has to choose. 

Kate has proved to Max her love time and again. Now she must risk her life once more to show her trust of that love. She understands his life and the consequences that can arise from it, especially with a man like Max. Now her life hangs in the balance of his sights.

How far will Max and Kate go to protect their loved ones? Feel the pain and heartache Max suffers as he has to make the choice. Find out how much Kate really does trust his love. See how far she will go to prove that trust. Watch the explosion as it erupts. 
Will Max turn away from the life he has always known? Will Kate be there to share in his decision?



Haunted Flames

Paranormal Romance

Jasmine Roads hides from her gift she calls a curse. She has been secluded all her life until her grandmamma moves them to the city. A whole new world is opened up to her. Still she wants to go unnoticed, unseen. The day she helped her first spirit is the day her life unraveled. She now has to deal with the sounds of the spirits. They are invading her mind and are driving her crazy.  She tries to fight them, but it seems like a losing battle. Now that her grandmamma has passed, she has no one to trust no one to talk to. No one can understand her. She doesn't know how much more she can take.


Detroit has been under attack by numerous amounts of fires lately. The streets are unusually quiet and that alone scares the authorities. Something big is about to happen.

Cole Van Buran is a ten year veteran firefighter for the Detroit fire department. He is smug, vain and self-centered. He used people for his own entertainment. He was considered one of Detroit’s hottest pieces of ‘eye candy' and he played the role magnificently. He never lost a life to a fire until Amber. Now his life changed, it took a turn for the worse. He lost his heart and passion for life. He is haunted by the nightmares of that night. If it wasn't for his four legged friend Scar, no telling where he would be. His life is going downhill fast until he rescues Jasmine. Now they both will have to deal with what is haunting them.

Together they try and figure out who is behind these fires. With Cole's experience and Jasmine's gift, they just might save the massive city.

Novellas Marksman Trilogy

Cry of a Marksman - Free

Marksman Trilogy, Book 1


Mystery, Murder and Mayhem...
Winning the lottery for Cally Walters gave her new hope to save her failing marriage. But little did she know that murder was right around the corner. Her husband Kyle wanted it all for himself. His sudden death left her with a lot of illegal debt, more than her winnings could cover. Now all of his bookies are coming after her to collect. Her life is in danger. She calls upon her lawyer Jim Barnes to help her liquidate what's left. In the meantime, Jim hires a body guard to protect her.

Mitch Greyson is a champion knife thrower. He has held the title for several years. He is an expert in all kinds of weaponry. But his weapon of choice is knives. He learned his elite skills from the military. On his way home from a tournament, he got a call from a good friend Jim Barnes. He wanted him to be a body guard for a client and he jumped at the chance. When he met Cally for the first time he saw trouble coming, for his heart.

Fury of a Marksman

Marksman Trilogy, Book 2



The Mystery and Mayhem continues...
Mitch's devastating case with Cally Walters left him shattered and he became MIA. He is trying to sort out what went wrong with his last assignment and is still in mourning. Mitch doesn't want to be found. He wants revenge.

Jim Barnes needs to find Mitch immediately. He contacted all of his friends hoping they can help find him. He needs to tell him what he has found out about Cally Walters. 

Seth Lanyard, one of Mitch’s good friends and comrades, finds him at a knife throwing competition. Mitch feels he is losing his mind when he thinks he sees Cally in the crowd. He freezes right before his throw and Seth knew something was seriously wrong. Seth gets him alone and tells him Jim is desperate to talk with him. When Mitch talks to Jim a whole new case opens up. He will get his revenge.

Heart of a Marksman

Marksman Trilogy, Book 3


The Mayhem ends. New life begins

Mitch lets the love of his life go. He doesn't think she will trust him with all the secrets he carries. But when he has a tragic accident he gives up on himself. Nothing, any of his friends can do helps. He has changed, for the worst. No one wants to be around him. They have all but have given up hope. Only one person they can think of maybe able to help, the love of his life. 

Cally has moved on with her life. Her restaurant is a huge success. There is only one thing missing, Mitch. When his desperate friends contact her she is more than willing to help. But with that help comes consequences. Can she snap him out of the depression he has spiraled in? Or is it too late? Its love and hate until the roles are reversed. Mitch tries to prove he loves her and is worthy of her love. He tells her everything he has hidden from her. She understands and loves him unconditionally. But will it be enough to save her life?

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