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Writing even more or less.

Since my retirement several events have happened in my life, that caused me to retire early.

In 2016 June, Heart attack. Six days later small stroke induced by medication given for heart attack. I made it through all that which included 2 stents. November 2016 another heart attack. I worked the full day (construction) with constant pain, not thinking it was another heart attack because the pain was different. However I did have to let my son-in-law drive home. I crawled up the steps to my apartment a barley made it through the door. My husband kept his cool , he picked me up took me to the car to take me to the hospital. The day just happen to be November 4th. I begged my husband to stop so we could vote. His answer? Hell No! I was ecstatic when I found out who won. Any way, I had to go and get another heart cath. One of my stents were already 45% blocked again.

On February 29th 2017 (leap year) my mother passes away, Alzheimer's. Which by the way was my aunt's, mom's sisters birthday. On March 3 a day after my birthday both my husband and I quit smoking, been smoke free ever since. In Nov. 2019 my husbands father passed. In May 2020 my aunt passes away, the COVID-19 virus came around. Than the murder of George Floyd, in which by the way was horrible, but the following events became horrendous. Do you really think that he would want all this violence to happen? His name connected to all this violence?

I am sure he wouldn't.

Moving on. Now there is another election. Certain parties are acting like school kids, Pointing the blame on everyone else except their selves. They back stab each other, they are hypocritical. Do what I say not what I do. They don't care about us, only themselves.

No wonder thousands of people need to take meds to help them cope with these horrible times. I am to worried about the nation I can't concentrate on writing. My thoughts are invaded by the horrible things that are happening around us. Maybe some day I can push back those awful things and concentrate on writhing.

Be safe everyone!

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