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Lives Torn Apart by Ignorance

It's so upsetting to see how our country has torn itself apart by violence. Between politics and the coronavirus Our once Great Nation is falling. When you read about babies getting shot in their car seats, homes and businesses vandalized and puppies being sodomized then acid thrown on them. You wonder how on earth can people do things like this? It makes you sick to your stomach. But the politicians blame that group or this group and nothing is done about it. Our Nation is being destroyed and no one seems to care. The ones that do care and speak out, they are risking their own lives. They will be beat down, robbed, raped or even killed. And certain groups think its okay. Are you kidding me! If those who speak out against these groups and then try to protect them selves against these so called groups, get arrested, Really? Are you kidding me? It confuses me so much it's totally unethical. The worst thing is when certain politician's use a huge tragedy to better themselves. To take your focus away from the real issues. They keep adding fuel to the flame. They are nothing but a bunch of inconsiderate people throwing tantrums when they don't get what they want. And they don't care who they hurt or kill to get what they want. You give these people a little power and then they want to rule the world. It's sad when people think it is okay to kill babies . If none of the riots, uprising and so called 'rally's' weren't happening and you walked up to a car and shot a baby for fun. Do you actually think people would let you get away with it? No they wouldn't your ass would be in jail. So why do you seem to think its okay now? And for social media WOW! certain sites blow things way out of proportion. That is why I am closing all my accounts with these certain sites and uninstalling them from my computer. I don't want to read about half truths and lies. It upsets me and breaks my heart when I read about babies, teenagers, elderly and animals being abused, torched and killed and no one is there to help or stop this. If anything the people that let this continue are are nothing but a bunch of power hungry people. I know a lot of people are going to slam me for what I have said. And the ones that do, I know they are haters of every race there is. They just want attention to make themselves look important.

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