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Rambling On. Can't sleep.

Can't sleep,

Have you ever had one of those nights where you were so tired but couldn't sleep? Your body is exhausted and you fall into bed? Your mind keeps you up. You're thinking in circles such as. 'Should I make a blanket for so and so? I wonder if those clothes will fit him? Oh I know what I forgot to do! Damn people upstairs don't they know it's after midnight! Oh That's a great idea for a book! I could have my herorine and hero....' Your mind starts playing a scene in your head. You are tossing and turning. Now you have to pee.

You lay there for a few seconds then you go back to. 'What color blanket should I make? Damn I have to pee.' So you get up and pee. You go to the kitchen get a drink, sit down at the table. You lite a smoke. Yeah I smoke, big deal so I am inhaling poisonous substances into my body. You can't smell it from where you are, so quit your nasty thoughts and leave me alone. You put your smoke out, take another sip and go back to bed. You lay there and you start thinking of what you have to do in the morning when you get up. 'Sleep go to sleep!' you cry in your mind. You turn over trying to get comfortable but nothing seems to work, 'damn!' You get up, grab a book, turn on the computer or TV. Next thing you know it's 4 am. Now you have a headache and your back is aching. You take some aspirin and go back to bed. You just fall asleep. "Honey it's time to get up." A voice from the doorway calls. You snap! You give that death look to scare away whoever just awoke you. They don't know why you're so grouchy. You dread getting up because you have to get ready and take that wonderful ride to the grocery store.

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